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Tiiled (iPhone)
Interlocken (Windows)

Tiiled is a challenging iPhone puzzle game that will keep your brain busy while you ride the train or bus,
wait for that important call, blow off work, or any time you need quality time inside your own head!

Click Here to get Tiiled for your iPhone (iTunes required)

Tiiled comes with a variety of challenging puzzle themes!


Tiiled is a fun, simple and challenging puzzle game for iPhone. It is easy to pick up, but requires skill and brain power to master!
A truly unique and fresh thinking game. Unlimited levels in Tiiled give you plenty of room to practice.
Free Tiiled Lite allows you to sample the game - try it out before you buy!
If you need a casual game, something to keep yourself occupied during your commute, with your kids, at night, whenever - Tiiled is the perfect diversion.

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